Obama And Raul Castro Meet for the 2nd time during the United Nations General Assembly

Obama Raul Castro
Obama Raul Castro

Obama Raul Castro- Barack Obama met Raul Castro in New York on Tuesday on the sidelines of the General Assembly of the UN. Both are asked for the lifting of the embargo against Havana.

The two men exchanged a warm handshake at the start of their meeting at the UN headquarters. This is their second meeting after that, historical, held in April in Panama, during the Summit of the Americas. The United States and Cuba have started in December 2014 a reconciliation, turning the page over a half-century legacy of the Cold War tensions. They have restored diplomatic relations in July.

The Cuban president, 84, claimed before the UN lifting the US economic embargo against his country for over 50 years. He argued that the embargo was detrimental to the interests of US citizens and companies.

Barack Obama supports this measure but faces opposition from Congress where Republicans, a majority remain opposed to rapprochement with Havana, and change will not come overnight in Cuba, but I am confident that the opening, not coercion, promote reforms and improve the lives of Cubans,” he said in his speech Monday launched from the rostrum of the UN.

Written by Martin Rodriguez